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R = (200 – 3n)(1 + 0.1n) Project ?

R = (200 – 3n)(1 + 0.1n) Performance Task – To find your revenue from hot dog sales, you multiply the price of each hot dog sold by the number of hot dogs sold. In the formula above, what does (1+0.1n) represent? What does (200-3n) represent? How many times would you raise the price by […]

Accept Or Reject The Project?

Disney world wants to invest in a new recreation ride for kids which will give them a profit of $3500 for the next four years. This is a new project and high risk is associated with it so 15% discount rate is assigned to the project. Evaluate this project using NPV (Net Present Value) model […]

If I Sold A Car (project) With A Bill Of Sale And Title Can They Come Back On Me?

I recently sold a car to a guy in utah , I’m in tn, a 69 mach 1 project that’s pretty rusty. Well he had the shipping company coming to pick it up but it seems like they keep delaying and delaying. He said if they don’t come tommorow he will come down and pick […]

Does Anybody Have A Spare Code That Comes With The Project Diva F Ps3 Version?

I don’t have a PS3, I have a vita instead. I want get all the dlc in a discounted price. Help a brother out. I will forever be in your debt. :3

Does A Website Project Manager Needs To Do A Project Proposal For A Client?

Does a website project manager needs to do a project proposal? or is it the sales manager who needs to do it for the client? Who should be the appropriate to do it?

Determine The Payback Period, Present Value, And Net Present Value Of This Project For The Three-year Period?

Determine the payback period, present value, and net present value of this project for the three-year period, utilizing a 8% discount rate

Eden Project Vouchers & Discounts?

Does anybody know any Eden Project vouchers or discount codes that I can use?

Project C Has Two Irrs, 0% And 100%, What Is A Reasonable Conclusion?

A. C is better than A or B for discount rates between 0% and 100%. B. C is a bad project. C. C is a uniquely desirable project since it has two IRRs. D. C is a uniquely bad project since it has two IRRs. E. none of the above

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