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Call Of Duty Ghosts Question?

If I preorder Call Of Duty Ghosts for here…. Will I receive the code for the ghosts camp?? Also is there a way where you can cancel the preorder of Call Of Duty Ghosts after you have redeemed the Ghosts camo code? Thanks a lot

Tommorrowland Question?

I am thinking of going to the Tomorrow-land festival in Belgium this year, tickets are on sale soon. I am wondering does anybody have an idea of how much the prices of tickets and packages are.

Grade 8 Math Question – Please Help Me!?

Anita and Bonnie both work part-time and are trying to save money for a school ski trip that costs $350 per student. • Anita works at a clothing store and receives 30% commission from her total sales. Anita’s sales totals for five days are $215.50, $265.75, $310.80, $200.40, and $195.60. • Bonnie sells gym equipment […]

Question about NHS Opticians voucher?

Hi, I went to have an eye test at specsavers today and got given a new prescription for my glasses. I am 18 and in full time education so i’m entitled to the NHS voucher, this was confirmed at my eye test. Before going to specsavers today I had already seen a pair of glasses […]

Question about discounts?

I want to buy alot of Elle socks from If you buy more than 6 pairs, they give you 20% off. There’s also a section that says if you sign up to their newsletter you get 10% off, but it doesn’t say whether you can combine the discounts and get 30% off. I phoned […]

Question on nus college discount?

When I enrolled at college, I got a card with my picture on, name, and college logo, and it says "nus" on it, does that mean I can use it for discount? – Or, should I get the one which is £10 ?

Question for sales experts?

A friend of mine brought some cosmetic product to sales in our area, and told me about the business…as I’m going through a not very good moment I asked him if I could help him sell them and thus make some extra money. He said I will take 60% percent and he’ll keep 40%…I understand […]

Question about student discount cards?

When you shop online and enter a student discount code, do you get an email about what has been bought using your card? (only asking this as loads of people I know post their student codes all over facebook and I was considering using one of them on an online shopping order, but don’t want […]

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