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Ventral Hernia 100lb Overweight Doc Says Lose Half Due To Inefection Rate?

I had gall bladder surgery laproscopic and am bulging near belly button incsion , my abdomen wall has relaxed on right side, making it look like a baby head is crowning. Doc focused on this and didn’t [acknowledge the hernia that a surgeon had confirmed. says that I need to lose 50 even 100lbs before […]

Some Lax Hotels With Crew Rate Discounts ?

I’m a crew member for a major airline but don’t know what hotels offer crew rates ? I need it to be near LAX I will be renting a car ..

How Would You Rate My Baseball Team?

12 team standard H2H Buster Posey Chris Davis Jason Kipnis Matt Carpenter Troy Tulowitzski Domonic Brown Andrew McCutchen Carlos Beltran Jose Reyes David Ortiz Yasiel Puig Josh Donaldson Nate McLouth Yu Darvish Chris Sale Casey Janssen Koji Uehara Zack Greinke Hiroki Kuroda Francisco Liriano Joaquin Benoit AJ Burnett John Lackey Chris Carpenter(DL) Currently in first […]

Why Is Obama Trying To Defund The Dc Charter Schools (again) Which Have A 97% Graduation Rate?

…. and considering that the DC “public schools have” a “55 percent” graduation rate? Joe Lieberman and John Boehner saved the program in 2009 – maybe it can be saved this time also? More than 90 percent of the voucher parents are happy with their children’s academic progress and applications for the next school year […]

Internal Rate Of Return, Net Present Value & Payback Help?

The following information is given for project A with an initial investment of 500 ( Year ) ( Net Cash Flow ) (Present value of cash flow discounted @ 10%) 1 ; 110 ; 100 2 ; 145 ; 120 3 ; 160 ; 120 4 ; 170 ; 116 5 ; 177 ; 110 […]

Is Obama To Blame For The Unemployment Rate, And Or Companies Having Less Accommodations?

I always remember jobs working with you for any needed schedule changes. They make sure you have payed parking. If there is food left over or product they are going to throw away its yours. you get a large employee discount, they are less uptight about hair length, and offer a more fun atmosphere providing […]

Rate This Gaming Pc Not Good With Pcs?

Dad Grad X79 Special 1 x Case ( NZXT Phantom 410 Gaming Case – White ) 0 x Case Lighting ( None ) 0 x iBUYPOWER Labs – Noise Reduction ( None ) 0 x iBUYPOWER Labs – Internal Expansion ( None ) 1 x Processor ( Intel® Core™ i7 3820 Processor (4x 3.60GHz/10MB L3 […]

What Is The Rate Of Discount If A Rug Is Regularly Priced At $180 Is Sold For $150?

can you give me the answer, and explain how you got it so i can do the other questions? thanks 🙂

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