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Travel Vouchers: Are They Legit?

Anything that seems to be too good to be true usually is, and so when people hear about free travel vouchers they naturally think it must be a scam. After all, why would any person or business give away free airfare, free hotel stays, or combination vacation and resort packages? It just doesn’t seem to […]

Planning Senior Citizens Trips – The Benefits of Bus Tours

Are you retired, or planning to retire? Would you like to see the world without the hassle of preparing for a vacation?. Planning your future senior citizens trips can be hassle free if you decide to consider bus tours Read on to see how much easier it is to join a bus tour instead of […]

Deal or no Deal – mugs?

Random question, does anybody know where (or IF) you can purchase a Deal or No Deal mug like they use on the show. (White mug, red ‘?’ logo) Really want one….

Is A Uk Company Really Independent Of It’s Folded Mother Company In Australia?

I noticed that a ‘corporation’ in Australia has gone into administration, yet the UK ‘sister’ company directed by the same family claim to be unaffected. Australian customers are possibly going to lose out on thousands of pounds due to that company’s lay by scheme and now have vouchers of little value to them, while the […]

Reviews On This Photo Paper Please? And Is It Really That Cheap?

Hi, I am looking for some 7×5 photo paper for my photography course starting in September. I found these:ā€¦ and was wondering if you have bought any of them before and have any reviews? Also, do I find it cheap because I haven’t looked around for prices etc yet? I think 53p is cheap, […]

Is My Mom Really Broke Already?

she made about 100 thousand in maybe 2 months she has been shopping a lot but she get stuff that’s on sale and cheap. its been a few months and now she is saying she is broke. she doesn’t go out shopping anymore. and when she really needed something from the store she would scrape […]

How Does School Choice Really Help A Poor Black Kid?

let’s go through this… so the poor black kid now has a voucher that covers half the tuition to a decent school halfway across the city… he has no way to get the rest of the money for the school… he has no real transportation to get to that school… and now the school he […]

I Really Need Some Money?

I’m a 15 year old girl and I wouldn’t mind working but it seems as no one hires at 15. Im not going to mow any lawns or do any kind of yard work btw. I like kids so babysitting would be good for me. But how would I get people to come to me? […]

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