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Hi. I’m ordering one thing from eyes lips and face ( for my friend but the shipping is $6.00. The shipping is $5 more than what im paying for the item. I had promo codes and free shipping codes on my old e-mail, but some reason they suspended my account because someone hacked it and […]

How long would it take to recieve a Kindle in London?

If I ordered a Kindle from, how long would it take to get to my house in London? I would be using the cheapest shipping and delivery options. Thanks in advance. They have the Kindle in stock on

Is There A Free Shipping Promo Code For Hot Topic!?!?

I need a free shipping promo code for hot topic! 10 POINTS!

Does Anyone Know Of Any Discount Codes For Shipping On

Other than the codes used for $99 spent or more on the order

How Can I Calculate The Shipping Price Of Amazon Products To Australia? The Checkout Is Very Long!?

I am trying to figure out a quick way of finding the cost of Amazon products to Australia. I am currently spending too long in the checkout for each item! Is there a quicker way?

6) Merchandise Inventory: Can Include The Cost Of Shipping The Goods To The Store And Making Them Ready For Sa?

6) Merchandise inventory: Can include the cost of shipping the goods to the store and making them ready for sale. Equals cost of goods sold minus shipping costs. Only appears on the balance sheet of a service company. Refers to products a company owns but does not intend to sell. Is reported on the balance […] Free Shipping In Us!?

Amazon has that offer in which you buy a certain price worth of merchandise and you get free shipping. Does that account for buying something from amazon UK from the US. Basically, could i buy enough there to qualify for free shipping and get it even though im over seas?

Today I Was Given A Free Shipping Code For Sephora. How Do I Put It In?

At the bottom of the list of things in your cart, you can add a discount or promo code. Using the free shipping code means you can’t use any other codes (ie. trystila).

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