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Which Store Should Give Me E Better Price?

I’m shopping for a wedding dress, the designer I want is available in two stores near me. One is in Miami, and the other in a smaller city. I know these people get commission for what they sell, and they have quotas to meet, so would a store in the city give me a better […]

Which Laptop Should I Buy?

I am going to purchase a laptop soon and my two picks are the 13″ Macbook Pro and the 14″ Alienware M14x. I want a computer that is able to do things like surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music, graphics designing, movie making and movie editing, businnes, microsoft office, video games, etc. My […]

Any Ideads What I Should Ask For For Christmas & Birthday?

Birthday’s in January. Turning 16. I would really like money for festival tickets HOWEVER; 1)I think it’s rude. 2)My mother woupdnt allow me to ask for money. So, my problem is I would like money as I really dont need anything but I cant have vouchers because I would like to buy featival tickets (BUT […]

Out Of These Tablets.. Which One Should I Get?

Or should I get a 3D TV?………… Thank you!

Should California Strip Boy Scouts Of Tax Exempt Status?

wow – I would have actually joined the BSA as a kid in California if they would have let in atheists – ironically, I now understand that non-theistic Buddhists can get in (which I was not at the time). SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A bill aimed at pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to lift […]

Should I Buy These Pants?

There are thes pants that are on sale for 25 dollars and they are usually 58. I’m in the process of losing weight I’m am a size 10/8 now and would like to order a 4 because that’s what I would like to be should i?

What Should I Do? Ghost In House!!!?

So, Let me tell you what has happened recently to me and what to do! 🙁 Yesterday, I was on my TV and i turned the volume up a bit. For some reason it wasnt loud only on 17 and it turned itself down all the way to 0 I turned it up, it turned […]

Should I Get Both Colors Of This Shirt Or One Color?

Should I get the red and the gray shirt? Or should I just get one color? If I get one color, which one should it be?:…

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