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What kind of person buys the soundtrack to the Sims?

Decided to treat myself to a new game and looked up Sims III on Amazon – and what do I find but a CD of the music – Your thoughts?

T-Mobile top up vouchers not working?

Tried 2 different vouchers and 2 different sims in different combinations. Keep recieving the message: Sorry, it hasn’t been possible to process the voucher no. ______ . Please call 150 to speak to customer services?? for both vouchers and sims.

Sims 3 Pets Horses – Please Help!?

Hello, I have sims 3 pets im a big freak about it and i know almost everything but- on you tube people say ” Horses For Sale Sims 3” Or ” Breeding (certain horse) For blah blah blah” But i wanna know how to mod and stuff and do that horse thing please some one […]

Which Version Of Sims 3 Is Better?

I was looking on to buy Sims 3 when I came across a 2009 version: and a 2012 version: I want to know which one would be better? or are they the same? and also which one would run on Windows 8? Thanks 🙂

Is It Worth Buying The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack?

Its £29.99 on steam right now, wondering if I should get it, Should I wait for the next steam sale? Also if you could tell me when the next sale is likely to be that would be good. Thanks, Liam.

Would This Computer Be Able To Run The Sims 3?

I know this question has been asked a million times already, so I’m really really really sorry prior to asking! I just want a computer solely for the purpose of playing the Sims 3. I have a laptop for everything else, but it can’t run the Sims 3. However, I’m a poor student so have […]

Sims 3 Pets Help! 10 Points?

the people who take your animals because the animals were not happy, they came to my place and i have tried to adopt her back but shes no longer up for adoption shes not for sale either , please help if you can i want my horse back:(

Which Sims 3 Expansion Pack Is Better Generations Or University Life?

I have Sims 3 with Ambitions and Late Night Now i want to buy Generations and University life, i have special discount coupon from SimCity, but origin not recognizing it:( Now i thinking with is better expansion university or generation???

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