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I Need Some More Information About This Tablet Please?

I am thinking about buying the following tablet here is a link I want to ask the following questions Can you Skype on it How long should it last Can you download apps

Anybody Know Of Some Good Discounts Or Sales On Sandals Resorts? It’s So Expensive!?

There’s a page listing all the current Sandals sales and discount codes at:…

Would Like Some Halfords Discount Codes That Are Available?

Anyone know any good voucher websites that I can get Halfords discount codes and promotions from to use on their website?

This Is My Final Build To My First Computer. I Need Some Help?

Im only 16, so I dont have a lot of experience with computer building. This is my build. First of all, is it worth having the ‘K’ version of the i5, and does that mean I need that cooler I have listed? Is there anywhere I can save a bit of money, baring in mind […]

Some Accounting Homework Questions?

I have a 200 question homework assignment. I got stuck on a few and need help figuring them out. The cost of goods sold for Heedy manufacturing in 2011 was $233,000. The January 1, 2011, finished goods inventory balance was $31,600, and the December 31, 2011, finished goods inventory balance was $24,200. Cost of goods […]

Some Lax Hotels With Crew Rate Discounts ?

I’m a crew member for a major airline but don’t know what hotels offer crew rates ? I need it to be near LAX I will be renting a car ..

Would You Buy A Reasonably Priced New Car Or Some Cheaper Used Car?

I mean buying a new car feels nice because you are sure it’s perfect- but If you buy a used car you can be tricked and the mileage can be a lot. If you live in another country temporarily only for a few years, would you buy a new car and then sell it? Thanks

What Are Some Good Sites For Getting Vouchers For Doing Surveys?

iv heard there are sites that give surveys for vouchers for shops such as tesco etc

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