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Office Security – 10 Great Tips For a More Secure Workplace

Today, businesses must address and prepare for security threats that are larger and more varied than ever before. With each technological advancement that allows innovative, effective business strategies, comes a security threat that is equally innovative and equally effective. Any assessment of an office security system should begin with specific security needs and the impacts […]

Uniqlo Discount Code valid in UK?

I am about to purchase quite a bit of stuff from Does anyone know the best place to find a Uniqlo Discount Code or Voucher Code? Something to save me money off my order would be great 🙂

How to get patch onto a football shirt?

I want to put a patch onto the sleeve of my football shirt.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 Something like that. How do i do without it looking amateur?

Can Ross Employees Use The Vouchers Given When One Returns Something?

I read somewhere that I could get fired for using it since it’s considered “stealing” from the company, but since that doesn’t make sense to me (especially since I returned my item with a receipt) I wanted to know if anyone who works in this dreadful store has used a voucher with no issues before. […]

Applies To People Who Ride Motorbikes Only!….i Would Like Your Opinion On Something.?

i am looking at opening my own bike dealership. my main focus will be the social aspect that comes with customers coming into my shop and talking about bikes, because we all know if you have a motorbike you love to talk about it and talk about all the trips planned. so my question is, […]

What Would Be The Price Is Something Is 149.88 With A 10 % Percent Discount?


When You Sell Something On Ebay How Much Percentage Do Paypal & Ebay Take?

Just sold something for a friend and didn’t want to be out of pocket by giving her the wrong amount of money for the sale!

Hi, I Have Brought Something From For 319 Pounds?

i brought something from amazon for 319 pounds. will the seller take 319 pound out? can he take out more than that? how does payment work sorry for too much questions

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