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How much power will a car stereo and speakers draw from a battery?

I’m setting up a 12v audio system which will be run from a battery, and i’m just trying to figure out what power the system is likely to draw from the battery? So for example: I have a stereo in my van at the moment which is rated 19W RMS and 50W Max per channel. […]

how to connect xbox to surround sound system?

I want to get this surround sound: problem is i dont know how to connect it to my xbox because i want to use these speakers for games, my xbox is right now connected to my tv via hmdi, would i have to connect the speakers to the tv or xbox? and how?

What else do I need to get with these speakers?

I’ve bought these speakers – , What else do I need to get them working? my tv has an audio out and a sub out.

Logitech Z 2300 Satellite Speakers?

Why is the treble so much clearer in the left speaker than the right? There is no overall volume difference. Just the treble is much cleaner. I have them extended using this 5 meter rca cable if that means anything. Thanks.ā€¦

How To Use Logitech X-140 Speakers With A Ps3 System?


What Wireless Portable Speakers Are Best For Iphone 5?

I have an iPhone 5 and am looking to get some speakers for them. I would like them to be wireless so that I can keep my phone on me and use them for Airplay, but bluetooth connectivity may also be good for when I’m out the house. I would ideally like them to be […]

How Can I Set-up My Xbox 360 Slim To My Pc External Speakers?

I have the Logitech X-140 Multimedia Speakers connected to my PC and a Samsung monitor with just HDMI in, is it possible to connect my Xbox 360 Slim to these speakers and how? or can’t I with these speakers? Speakers: Monitor:×1080/dp/B00BFTRSXW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373200829&sr=8-1&keywords=22%22+led+monitor Thanks for any replies.

Speakers That Look Like This? and I need speakers which have the same driver design as this?

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