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Can You Use A Stop Leak Product For Hyundai Transmissions?

I got a leaky transmission in my 2001 Accent. I’ve noticed that Hyundai is very picky when it comes to transmission fluid. I have to pay $7.50 per quart at a Discount auto store with no other cheaper alternative. I lose about 1 quart a month. Would Lucas Stop leak be compatable for my transmission?

If Congress Can Stop Some Of The Sequester Cuts Then They Can Stop Them All. Correct?

‘Homeless Again’ Melissa Rothkugel, 28, had waited seven years for a housing voucher to help cover her rent in Connecticut. Last year, she lost her job, became homeless and got pregnant. So you can imagine how happy she was in February when she got a letter telling her she had finally been approved for aid. […]

The Whistle Stop Cafe?

The whistle stop cafe in Weerns, Georgia, is well known for its popular homemade ice cream made in a small plant in back of the cafe. People drive all the way from Atlanta and Macon to buy the ice cream. The two women who own the cafe want to develop a forecasting model so they […]

How Do I Stop Solicitor Sales People From Constantly Knocking On My Door?

I recently purchased my first home, I live in a suburb just outside of Atlanta Georgia with my wife and daughter.. We love living in a house versus apartment, but lately we’ve had ton’s of Solicitors coming by the house… I’m not sure what to do about these guys but they start coming thru our […]

In Sims 2 Ofb, How To Stop Employees Using The ‘hard Sell’ Sales Technique?

In the game Sims 2 Open For Business I have an employee which has earned a silver sales badge. But he keeps ‘hard selling’ to customers who don’t like it and they end up laying complaints & losing customer loyalty … is there a way to stop this?

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