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Should California Strip Boy Scouts Of Tax Exempt Status?

wow – I would have actually joined the BSA as a kid in California if they would have let in atheists – ironically, I now understand that non-theistic Buddhists can get in (which I was not at the time). SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A bill aimed at pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to lift […]

If You Remove The Magnetic Strip, Off A Merchandise Or Product, Will That Set Off An Alarm?

This is just out off curiosity, so I don’t need a lecture about shoplifting.. Some time ago my friend stole an expensive cream from Shoppers drug mart, and did not get caught.. I asked how she did it, but she didn’t want to tell me.. Now I know that the shoppers drug mart, she went […]

Connect Led Strip Lights To Speakers?

Hi I have this Philips speaker system And I was wondering is there anyway that I can connect a LED strip light to them so they flash to music, I have watched some videos on YouTube but they are mostly to do with car speakers (but I do have a positive and negative connection […]

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