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Where Can Bms (bachelor Of Management Studies) Freshers Apply For A Job?

which designation ?? sales manger ?? accountant ??? other options ???

What Are The Subjects To Study For Payment And Related Technologi Studies?

I wanted to learn more about the Credit card and other online payment methods with the new technology.. Like Electronic Voucher Distribute, and other related,, If i want to learn this ,, what are the subjects i have to cover ,, what are the topics,, kindly some one help me to get into this field […]

Any Studies That Argues For Tuition Vouchers?

I just need a site that a study finds tuition vouchers a benefit.

Business Studies Question: How Is A Transaction Incomplete Without The Use Of Payment Devices. Discuss?

I am asked to discuss the following:” Sale of goods transaction are incomplete without the use of cheques, credit cards, vouchers and other payment devices”. Note, the concept is to discuss that a transaction is incomplete without a means of payment. That seems obvious to me but the question is cryptic, logical and I can’t […]

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