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Are Investment Commisions From A Discount Broker Such As Scottrade Or Sharebuilder Tax Deductible?

If you pay a flat fee for a stock transaction (either buying or selling) is the commission or fee paid tax deductible?

Is There Such Thing As A £5 Apple Gift Card ?

I want to buy a apple gift card voucher, but i don’t need a full £10 one, is it possible to get a £5 gift card ?

Technology Such As Cash Registers, Check Protectors, Time Clocks And Personal Identification Scanners Can Impr?

1) Technology such as cash registers, check protectors, time clocks and personal identification scanners can improve internal control. True False 2 ) Proper internal control means that responsibility for a task is clearly established and assigned to one person. True False 3 ) Internal control policies and procedures are identical across companies. True False 4 […]

Why Would Labcorp Agree To Take Such A Low Fee From Someone Using Rxcut Discount Card? is example of rates labcorp will take using this free card. The rates aren’t as good but similar to patients with insurance from what Ive seen based on my invoices. So by requiring payment upfront is the company taking gauranteed money (no postage for bills, no insurance billing costs, and no risk of collections) […]

Where Can I Get Discount On Laptops Guaranteed? I Like Hp Or Any Other Powerful Source As Such!?

Discounted computers parts also would be good!

The New Imac Is Released Tomorrow, Will It Be Availible In Stores Such As Pc World?

I have a voucher for PC World and would like to buy the new imac 2012 but am not sure when the store will have the computer available.

Does Anyone In Uk Regularly Buy Sandwiches From Chains Such As Pret A Manger, Eat; Would You Complain If One?

day you had a sandwich which suddenly made you ill for no reason….when you were feeling fine for ages before and there was no obvious reason? ie……had diarrhea, whence it never happened before, but suddenly…… just after eating that sandwich I filled in their complain form online, and they replied asking me to get a […]

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