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Web Developers, How Long On Average Does It Take For You To Build An Ecommerce Website?

We’re talking client being able to add their own products to the website, voucher codes, shopping cart, checkout, quantity but from the start you as a developer add nothing more than test product, it is up to your client to fill up the shop, not you, the rest of the website has about 15 informative […]

How Long Will It Take For A Parcel From Amazon Take To Arive?

I ordered a book from late Thursday afternoon and selected 3-5 business days for delivery, however I live in Swansea where Ffordd Amazon is based (They’re like 20 minutes away), so I don’t think it will take a whole 5 days. I was wondering if anyone knew what day it would arrive?

When You Sell Something On Ebay How Much Percentage Do Paypal & Ebay Take?

Just sold something for a friend and didn’t want to be out of pocket by giving her the wrong amount of money for the sale!

Should I Take These Pills My Friend Offered Me?

I am trying to get a “Real Job” so I don’t live off other peoples money (except my parents) I am a very social person and have great conversation skills from throwing/going to parties, volunteering all the time at different places and from talking with neighbors. However, a job interview is for some reason different, […]

Myron Can Rent A Movie For $2.50. It Would Cost Him $10 To Take His Family To A Movie. How Many Movies Must He?

Myron can rent a movie for $2.50. It would cost him $10 to take his family to a movie. How many movies must he rent instead of going to a theater in order to recover the cost of his $250 video recorder? about 37 about 33 about 41 21. How many times as much memory […]

Can I Take My Gameboy Advance Sp To Gamestop And Sell/trade To Get A Discount Off A 3ds?

I gave my girlfriend my 3D and I was wondering if I could do this to get a discount.

Will My Auto Insurance Go Up If I Take Defensive Driving To Dismiss A Speeding Ticket?

I have state farm

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Show I Am A Good Team Leader?

I have gotten a job as a Team Leader and even though I feel I am leading my team, my manager thinks I am not. Is his ideas different then mine, I work in retail and the section I work in is constantly changing, sales targets etc. I set them job lists when I am […]

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