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Keeping the Bathroom Sink Clean From Toothpaste Stains

I don’t know about you, but my kids seem to leave more toothpaste on the sink than in their mouths and toothbrushes when they are brushing their teeth. If this is like you, read on to see my tips for keeping the bathroom sink clean from toothpaste stains. 1. Buy white colored toothpaste, so stains […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Handmade and Machine Made Rugs

Where carpets are concerned, it is not always easy to tell if they are machine-made or handmade, especially if you have no experience of telling the difference. The good news is that you will seem like a pro after you read this entire article. Telling the difference will not be a problem! The three main […]

Why do you want to work for marks and spencers? (NEED HELP PLS!)?

Hi, I have an interview/assessment with marks n spencers tomorrow…i am very nervous…i have done my own research and it comes that you would be asked the following questions. *Why do you want to work here? *Why do you think you are suited to this job? *Tell me an example of when you have shown […]

Can You Please Tell Me If The Ram In This Laptop Is Upgradable? Thank you.

Can Anyone Tell Me About This Lamp?

I found this lamp at a yard sale for 900 dollars. It’s the most beautiful lamp I’ve ever seen but when I went back to get it someone else had already purchased it. Does anyone know how much this lamp is worth and where I can find it?!/photo.php?fbid=545199212204879&id=100001444141462&set=a.215374365187367.52749.100001444141462&__user=100001444141462

Checking My Answers! Tell Me Which One Is Wrong..?

5. Some citizens think that snails ____ a delicacy. A) is B) are <– 6. Steam trains ___________ too much money to power. A) take <— B) takes 7. The students and ____ professor sweated in the hot classroom. A) his B) their C) there <— D) The sentence is correct without a pronoun. 8. […]

Can Carphone Warehouse Tell Me To Speak To Xbox About My Console?

I got a free xbox with a phone contract just under a year ago and over the weekend the xbox keep freezing, i considered it to be under warranty so took it back to carphone and they said they are not intrested and i should send it to microsoft to be repaired, i have tried […]

Can Any One Tell Me The Difference Between These Processors?

This one: AMD HDZ965FBGMBOX Phenom II X4 965 – 3.4 Ghz AM3 Black Edition CPU And this one: AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 Ghz 8MB Cache Quad-core Processor – Black Edition

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