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Tesco Clubcard Number Lost?

Hi, I lost my tesco clubcard and wa trying to login to clubcard online but it asks for the clubcard number. I have the voucher but it only shows lat 4 digits of clubcard can u plz. help what does it start like? Thanks,

Where Can I Spend My Tesco Clubcard Vouchers ?

Over a year I’ve managed to rack up just under £500 worth of Club card vouchers. I know that they can be spent in Tesco but which parts of Tesco can they be spent in? Would I be able to purchase something from Entertainment or? Help is more than appreciated. Thanks

Tesco pay monthly phone deals?

Has anyone bought a phone from tesco? And are they any good? I am interested in a Sony Xperia S pay monthly deal which comes to £15.50 – 100 mins, unlimited texts and 250 Mb of internet. The phone comes free. I have looked every where else, and no one is doing a deal even […]

Commission in vouchers rather than cash?

Is there any tax benefit or other benefit to paying employees commission in vouchers rather than cash. My partner currently recieves his commission in cash but after tax we dont see that much of it, we’d rather have it in vouchers for like Tesco’s or somewhere to make a difference to our financial situation. His […]

Tesco clubcard voucher?

Hi i just wanted to ask please, my gf has a tesco clubcard and she recieved £25 worth of vouchers but the thing is that she’s not here now and i just wanted to ask if you need the clubcard when ur using the vouchers? I mean what if ill go to tesco, for example […]

Clubcard vouchers on eBay?

Hi All , I have seen loads of people selling clubcard vouchers on eBay , yet Tesco say they can only be exchanged in the name on the voucher …. yet they get bid up to double face value ?? Anyone out there had experience in this ? Thanks in advance , Alan

Free Vouchers?

Does anyone know any good web sites where you can obtain free codes for discounts off shopping. IE a code for free delivery on Tesco dhopping? Shopping not dhopping 🙂 groceries shopping – discount codes?

I’ve just paced an order for delivery, I spent £51 and had a voucher for £10 off a £50 shop. My confirmation email said that any offers hadn’t been taken off yet and the ammount I pay may be different…. once my offers have been deducted the total will be less than £50. Will I […]

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