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Residential Property Development

Thanks to residential property development, there has been a vast improvement in the old, run down neighborhoods in the UK. Professional property development organizations, such as the Neptune Group, improve buildings and properties so that they can attract residents. For instance, they can rebuild and remodel old commercial office buildings and turn them into residential […]

Do you have to use Tesco Clubcard vouchers? Or can you just build up the points?

I have just got a tesco club card and get “£1 off” vouchers in the post, if I don’t use these will the points just build up in my account and then i can use thom for somthing big in the future or do i have to use these vouchers otherwise I loose them? Also […]

Where to get Odeon Cinema discounts?

Does anyone know where you can get discount vouchers or codes for the Odeon cinema? I have searched all over the internet and all have expired. Every other cinema seems to have lots of them. I can’t bring myself to pay £7.50 a ticket where in Birmingham I could get 2 tickets for £3.25. (I […]

Can someone confirm whether this is a genuine Sony Dualshock 3?

Thanks the seller`s got 100% feedback and has sold a fair few , can someone quickly tell me if these are genuine or not ? thanks in advance. here`s the link off of Ebay Thanks again.

Tesco Clubcard Alton Towers Vouchers??

I am watching a few items on ebay where people are unable to use their tesco clubcard alton tower vouchers for one reason or another and are selling them. The thing is, these people having booked them, have their names on the tickets, does anyone know if this would restrict anyone else from being able […]

UK Sale of Goods Act 1979?

Hi, Please could someone give me the word for word definition of a: Condition and Warranty from the UK’s Sale of Goods act 1979? Thanks.

How to be an estate agent; how to become a green deal adviser?

I’m wondering how to become an estate agent from no experience and I’m qualified to gcse level. Also how would one become a green deal advisor? Do u need certain qualifications to be eligible to train as one? Do I need any experience? Thanks in advance!

Supplementary income? (Sales, other?)?

I run a small engineering-cum-R&D co and I am finding that the credit crunch is starting to bite….a number of my best clients’ are in the building trade and so as you can imagine, the cash flow there has slowed to a trickle. I am now looking for other possible revenue streams. Anyone got any […]

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