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Will These Components Be Compatible?

Okay, so I have decided that I want to build my own PC; mainly because of budget restrictions. After about 2 days worth of research, I have come up with a list of components that I think will work. Since I am not an expert with PC (desktop) hardware, I might be wrong. The components […]

What Could These Two Weird Dreams Last Night Mean Or Represent?

Dream 1 : Someone I really care about (although I don’t know who it was) got captured by this guy and he said the only way I could get the person back was to feel some pain in my life and he said I had to sacrifice one of my eyes. He was contacting me […]

Are These Four Pc Parts Compatible With Each Other?

Out Of These Tablets.. Which One Should I Get?

Or should I get a 3D TV?………… Thank you!

Are These Two Xbox 360 Cables The Exact Same Product?

Should I Buy These Pants?

There are thes pants that are on sale for 25 dollars and they are usually 58. I’m in the process of losing weight I’m am a size 10/8 now and would like to order a 4 because that’s what I would like to be should i?

You Guys Think These Headphones Worth Buying?

With our employee discount they are 115$…

Do These Sunglasses Fit? Or Too Wide?

I bought these ray bans with a discount and this was the only size.. how do they fit me?

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