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Travel Insurance – What If You Are Kidnapped Or Held Hostage?

If you travel to the third world or to places with civil unrest you might find that there are always stories of people being taken hostage or kidnapped. The guerrilla political opposition or sometimes a terrorist organization will kidnap Americans, because, well, because they are worth something and their loved ones can pay for their […]

What is Excess in Travel Insurance Terms?

Excess is a part of most car, home and travel insurance policies. It's an odd word, and not always fully explained in an insurance context. If you ask people about excess and what it means, many will have some explanation, but most will not fully understand what excess is and how it applies to their […]

Travel Insurance – Worth It?

Travel insurance is an added expense tacked on to the end of your vacation tab, and most people waive the fee without learning the details of what the travel insurance covers. The most common coverage is for medical emergencies, lost luggage and a full or partial reimbursement for any cancellation fees. However, before you add […]

Travel Insurance For Seniors

If you are a senior considering traveling, it is absolutely crucial that you buy travel insurance for seniors. When traveling, seniors are at greatest risk of having a medical emergency. Getting the right insurance package for your age group can protect your health and give you peace of mind. Travel insurance for pensioners is something […]

Am I Covered? Travel Insurance and Acts of God

Cheap annual travel insurance is hugely popular amongst UK holiday goers, allowing them to travel when and where they wish without having to worry about booking travel insurance for every single trip. Many people assume that their cheap travel insurance will cover them against every eventuality, but this is not the case. There are plenty […]

Travel Insurance – Too Important To Ignore

No one can deny the fact that modern day life has become extremely busy as a result people rarely get time to take enough breaks to recharge their batteries. It therefore becomes important that everyone avail at least one proper leave in a year so that he can go on vacations that would drain all […]

Travel Insurance – A Real Need Or a Waste of Money?

Whenever somebody sets out to plan a holiday trip with a travel agency, they hear numerous times that they utterly need travel insurance before leaving. That it will be a big mistake if they do not get the insurance, and that they are an absolute necessity for your holidays. Is all this really true? The […]

The Benefits of Becoming a Travel Agent

There are many different benefits of being a Travel Agent. First off being a Travel Agent means that you are now in the industry, which means you automatically qualify to receive travel and vacation benefits. There is a great way you can get these benefits and much more that I will be discussing below without […]

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