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Would You Buy A Reasonably Priced New Car Or Some Cheaper Used Car?

I mean buying a new car feels nice because you are sure it’s perfect- but If you buy a used car you can be tricked and the mileage can be a lot. If you live in another country temporarily only for a few years, would you buy a new car and then sell it? Thanks

How To Know If The Item Is New Or Used On Amazon?

I’m new on Amazon. I don’t know it this item is new or used. Where can I see it?… Thanks! 🙂

Are Mall Curfews Used To Ban Black Youth To Make White Shoppers Feel Better?

The Mall of America proposed a curfew that bans people under 16 without a parent on Fridays and Saturdays. Mall officials blamed the drops in sales on the number of youth in the instead of the economy. The Mall of America also expressed concerns about “gang activity” yet there has been no gang related incident […]

60 Day Used Car Warranty Inclusions?

I purchased a 60 day warranty from a dealer (Luther) and found out 3 days after purchase that the sunroof intermittently chooses not to open. I called immediately, asking if this would be covered under the included warranty. The sales representative went and asked his manager, then returned to say that it should be covered […]

How Much Would A Used Hp Pavilion G6 1220sa Be Worth?

i have had it for a year and when i bought it,it was about £400-£500 in pc world here are the specs of it. Im planning to get an alienware m14x which is a bit pricey but worth it! Thanks!

How To Keep A Used Old Car Running And Looking Good?

I’m 16, getting my license in a couple months, and in probably either getting a Ford Mustang or Ranger. I want to keep it in good condition and running good so when I resell it I can get a good amount for it. Plus I just like to know that I’m riding around in a […]

Why Do You Trust The Same Gov That Used Chemical-weapons On Children?

at Waco, Texas? It’s on record. There only way to discount it unless you are in denial. The same gov that Lord Blackwell said scammed the American-people out of $15 Trillion. It’s on record. If they went that far, what else could they be lying about?

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