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What Can I Do In The Car??? :d?

Okay so I am going on a 9 HOUR car drive in 1 week.I am 13 and i need some ideas of what to do please.I dont have a portable dvd player or an i phone or an i pad but i have a really old ipod and a 25 euro voucher for it.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!xxx

What Can I Do In Ballarat In Half A Day?

We have this voucher for Kryal Castle. We are going there tomorrow (Saturday) morning. It’s going to be my husband and myself. We’ve never been to Ballarat before, and I thought since we are going to be there, may be we should do something after the Castle. I am assuming the Castle tour will take […]

If Obamacare Fares Poorly As It Is Implemented, What Will Be The Political Ramifications?

Will Congress amend or repeal parts? Will the Democrats be hurt in the next presidential election? Will health care reform turn toward vouchers? Will liberal Democrats in Congress turn toward single-payer ideas? BQ: Which portions of the law do you think will be the biggest successes, or the biggest failures or disappointments?

What Would Be A Good Gift To Give To My Two Bosses?

I want to give a gift to my two bosses, who are nurses, to show my appreciation for all the support they have given me the past two years throughout with my job and my ill health. My ill health is still ongoing and will be for another possible 2yrs but they are standing by […]

What Increases Gun Sales Or Nra Support More, Large Massacres Of School Children, Or Having A Democrat….? the White House? Don’t you think they are praying for both?

What Kind Of Benefits Do You Carry?

I have a pharmacy discount card from Stanford Health Alliance and what are the benefits of it?

What To Do About Mother Who Hates Boyfriend Or How To Confront Her?

**PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH** My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now, and have never really broken up. We talk daily online via video messaging (and when we are not video messaging, we are text messaging). We truly are very happy together and our personalities just go together. He is […]

What Is The Sale Of Accounts Receivable Called?

I am working on a crossword for my class, and when it comes to crosswords, I fail at life. Please help :/

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