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Desperately Need Help With Integralsl ! Help!?

ere are some problems that I am having issues solving. Any help is appreciated. Part 3: Apply what you know about integrals to answer. 14. The average credit card debt per U.S. household between 1990 and 2003 was growing at the rate of approximately D(t)= -4.479t^2 + 69.8t + 279.5 (0 ≤ t ≤ 13) […]

Help With French Please?

Could I say ” C’est pas bien” and mean “this is not good”? If not then how? Also, what would the difference be between the words bien and bon? What is a situation where the subjunctive form of a verb would come up, and would it be used similarly to Latin; expressing purpose or a […]

Two Ipod Touches With Cases For Sale?

I have 2 ipod touches (second genoration. Both with cases. anybody wants them? No cracks good condition. Whats the highest offer?

Is The Platinum Gamecube With Digital Av Out Port Rare?

I have a platinum gamecube that I got in 2004. My parents bought it new, and it came with the AV cable, a platinum controller, and the power cable, but did not come with a memory card. Knowing them, it might have been on sale at the time? It’s in very good condition despite the […]

Problems With Sonic Adventure 2 Running Way Too Fast?

I recently bought Sonic adventure 2 on steam because it was on sale, but it runs way too fast, the cut scenes pass in like 2 seconds, the loading screen takes 1 sec(which is good i guess) but when i play the game just runs way too fast, the time 1 second in real life […]

What Color Chinos To Wear With This?

So either beige/cream or red chinos. Or even blue jeans. I’m wearing the navy blue all star converse. And maybe a dark blue hoodie. Male.…

How To Find The Best Deals On Karmaloop, With Coupons And Discount Rates?

Karmaloop has got the best stuff around on-line and all that you should do is to buy for them, choose your stuff and rock on! You will find new items being provided every day, on awesome stuff varying from stylish watches to snazzy jeans and authentic shades from the kind of Ray Prohibit. Karmaloop is […]

Are These Four Pc Parts Compatible With Each Other?

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