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Why Wont Itunes Except My Password?

I want to redeem a voucher but its refusing to take my password. The password isn’t wrong. I specifically remember creating the i.d and I also wrote it down.

Father Won’t Show Up In Court, Can I Get Sole Custody By Default?

I’ve decided to take my daughters father to court. He gives me problems when he is supposed to see her and often cancels on the last minute. He got out of paying child support too. We were never married and currently there is no court order about custody for her- joint, sole etc. He does […]

Ps3 Voucher Code Wont Work.?

I have a free ps plus 30 for 30 days that i got from buying 1 game (htman absolution). I have 2 accaunts on differecnt regions, one is italian and the other is american. I tried to use the code on american accaunt but i dont remember what i said and maybe i could ve […]

My Headphones Wont Play Low Sounds(they Used To)?

My headphones that i got 2 months ago were playing sound perfectly and with amazing bass, then i woke up one morning to find they were not playing sound properly, barely any sound is played now, only really high sounds, and event hen its really quiet. If i put them in my laptop and put […]

Battlefield 3 Online Pass Won’t Work… Help?

I was looking on Amazon at all products I didn’t know if it was used or new. I bought a PS3 game called Battlefield 3 and after 1 day I got the game. I went to “Redeem Codes” and I entered the code for example XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and it said it wasn’t valid. I know most […]

Why Wont My Forever 21 Gift Voucher Work?

so i put in the billing and shipping details correctly and i’m onto the payment method and i’m trying to purchase some things on my gift card but when i type in the 16 numbered gift card number and 8 numbered pin correctly (I’ve double checked they’re the correct numbers) it comes up with a […]

Help! Iphone Pocket Projector Won’t Work?

I recently got this little projector and it simply won’t work. It came with no instructions or user manual, the company haven’t replied to my email for help and I’m at a loss. Has anybody else experienced this problem? Am I being really silly and not doing something correct? A little blue light comes […]

Please Help My Iphone Won’t Let Me Update/install Apps?

Hi, I had this travel card that had a little left over money on it so I used it to buy some songs and now the card is run out so I just go back to using gift vouchers I’m 17 so I don’t have any other credit cards and I can’t get a debit […]

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