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What Would Be A Good Gift To Give To My Two Bosses?

I want to give a gift to my two bosses, who are nurses, to show my appreciation for all the support they have given me the past two years throughout with my job and my ill health. My ill health is still ongoing and will be for another possible 2yrs but they are standing by […]

Would Like Some Halfords Discount Codes That Are Available?

Anyone know any good voucher websites that I can get Halfords discount codes and promotions from to use on their website?

Would Free Viagra And Prime Rib Vouchers Be Part Of Rmoney’s Campaign To Target Voters?

Romney will promise anything he can to get a few extra votes; but it doesn’t matter; he will never be in a position to have to honour any of those promises.

Would You Say I’m Liberal Or Conservative?

And don’t say labels don’t matter what would you call me a liberal or conservative. Abortion I’m against accept in cases of rape or life of the mother. Health care I support governors Bobby Jindal health care view-> increased health insurance portability, laws promoting coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, a cap on malpractice lawsuits, an […]

Would This Graphics Card Play All New Games.?

Its an ASUS NVIDIA GTX 660 DirectCU II~~~~~~~ Or this one either~~~~~

How Much Of A Discount Would I Get From On Black Friday?

on the sony ps3 stereo headset which is 75 dollars now on

Would This Be Okay To Use On My Hair?

I have been dying my hair for 9 years since I was 11. My natural hair colour is dark brown. I just dyed my hair purple which came out horrible (nothing like the colour it should be) and I’ve tried to dye my hair the same colour 3 times in the space of a month. […]

How Likely Would I Get A Mortgage?

I’ve seen a property for sale, and I have about half the asking price in cash/investments (they can be divested at any time). I would be looking to run it as a business (currently it’s not zoned commercial) long term. My annual income is about 20k, but I would hope to generate about 60-80k gross […]

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