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How to Write a Motion Graphics Design Or Animation Treatment

Give Yourself the best chance of winning the Design or Animation project with these guidelines The Title & Introduction The very first thing you will write on any treatment is the name of the project, so it is highly advisable to make sure you get this part correct. When taking a brief it is always […]

How to Write a Powerful Capability Statement For Government Contractors

What is the Purpose of a Capability Statement ? Government contracting has developed into a very competitive marketplace, thanks to its potential for being very profitable. Companies of all sizes, from small, micro-firms with one employee to large, mega-firms with thousands of employees have been successful in selling products and services to government agencies at […]

Write A C Program That Creates Customers’ Bills For A Carpet Company When The Following Information Is Given:?

Write a C program that creates customers’ bills for a carpet company when the following information is given: A. The length and the width of the carpet in feet B. The carpet price per square foot C. The percent of discount for each customer The Labor cost is fixed at $0.35 per square foot. It […]

How To Write A Marketing Report For A Dying Company?

I have to write a marketing report for a dying company (Most of its outlets have closed down or are going to). I don’t know how to start the report, any help would be greatly appreciated. The two things I MUST show in this report: – Customers’ needs, currently unfulfilled or new – Ideas to […]

I Need Someone To Help Me Write The Formula For:?

I need someone to help me write the formula for: Each week I run a voucher report. I need to know who vouchered for the first time this year. I want a formula that will look at all the past weeks and then if there are no hours until the current week then let me […]

Currys (pc World) Know How Repairs – How Much Do You Get In Write Off Cant Fix Vouchers?

I bought my laptop from Currys (PC World) january 2012 and i took out the insurance so they will fix if there is a fault well a fault has occured and they said they can fix it but if it is a write off then they will give me vouchers towards a new one. How […]

I’ve Got A Story Idea, But I Don’t Know If It Would Just Be Something Pointless To Write?

I came up with this idea after watching the movie “Christine,” and used a bit of knowledge I’d gotten from watching “Let Me In” and “Lars and the Real GIrl.” I don’t know what people would think of the plot, but I feel like I’ve gotten some general ideas down. I’m not trying to be […]

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