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27. On January 1 Of Year 1, Drum Line Airways Issued $3,500,000 Of Par Value Bonds For $3,200,000. The Bonds P?

27. On January 1 of Year 1, Drum Line Airways issued $3,500,000 of par value bonds for $3,200,000. The bonds pay interest semiannually on January 1 and July 1. The contract rate of interest is 7% while the market rate of interest for similar bonds is 8%. The bond premium or discount is being amortized […]

Student ID card. Do i get discounts?

I’m still in high school but go to college ounce a week to study GCSE Law. I have been given a student ID card with: My Name, Picture, Age, College, Year when I turn 18, Expiry date and a bar code…. Is this card just for college as a student Identity Card. Or can I […]

How does the discount factor work?

In my textbook they use an example of a discount factor of 6% like this: Year 1 – 0.94 Year 2 – 0.89 Year 3 – 0.84 Year 4 – 0.79 I do not understand where these numbers came from and there is no further detail in the book. This is for AQA A level […]

Clayton Industries Is Planning Its Operations For Next Year?

Clayton Industries is planning its operations for next year, and the CEO wants you to forecast the firm’s additional funds needed (AFN). Data for use in your forecast are shown below. Based on the AFN equation, what is the AFN for the coming year? Dollars are in millions. Last year’s sales = S0 $350 Last […]

What Do 13 Year Old Girls Want For Their Birthday?

My daughters birthday is coming up and I would like to know what teenagers want for their birthdays? She already has a blackberry, iPod and an iPad… What do you think she would want as I have no experience about teenagers as she is my oldest daughter 🙂

15 Year Olds Wearing Heels?

Hi, I’m 15 and I’ve just bought some really nice heels. I’m a bit worried about wearing them though, because teens that wear heels are in most peoples eye ‘sluts’. I don’t dress sluty, in fact I’m a modest person when it comes to the way I dress. Any thoughts on me wearing them or […]

What Are Some Good Books For A 14 Year Old Girl?

I’m not interested in twilight,harry potter etc! I’m more interested in books with a good story such as ‘Finding Alaska’ by john green and’The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ please give me a good list as I have a voucher for eason and I’m going tomorrow!

Uncharted 2 Game Of The Year?

Can I use the DLC codes that came with the Dual Pack on a regular Uncharted 2 Game of the Year disc? On the back, the voucher says that it should be used with the Dual Pack disc, so I’m wondering if I have to buy a Dual Pack or if I can just buy […]

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