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Recommend Me Your Favourite Songs? (10 Points)?

Just got an i tunes voucher to spend. I listen to everything, except rap and hip-hop, so recommend me your favourite songs/pieces of music. The one I like best I’ll give 10 points 🙂

Conservatives How Do You Plan On Paying For Your Healthcare When You Are 70+?

All conservative plans include vouchers for seniors. How much do you think your healthcare will cost you out of pocket per year after age 70 if republican plans go into effect. If you don’t know how can you be qualified to have an opinion on whether or not it’s good for you?

Guys? Would You Like To Receive Any Of These Gifts For Your Birthday? Please Help!!! :)?

my boyfriends birthday is coming up realy soon and i still dont know what to get!! these are some ideas i’ve come up with..would you be happy with any of them? feel free to add more ideas 🙂 50euro gift voucher for h&m Bracelet Lighters with bottle openers on the bottom 50 reasons why i […]

How Does Payment Work For Upgrading Your Device On Verizon?

I AM eligible for an upgrade, so I WOULD get the discounted price, when renewing contract for another 2 years (on family plan). My question is how does the payment work? Say a new device is $199 + activation fee, etc. Does that $199 + fee(s) get added to the phone bill and due whenever […]

Can You Use The Same Mailing Address As Your Sister When Applying For Section 8?

We are both applying for section 8 and using my mom’s address as our mailing address because we are both currently living with her. How does this work? Because I read somewhere that says I person per household and I’m not sure if it means. My sister will include herself and her son on her […]

Applies To People Who Ride Motorbikes Only!….i Would Like Your Opinion On Something.?

i am looking at opening my own bike dealership. my main focus will be the social aspect that comes with customers coming into my shop and talking about bikes, because we all know if you have a motorbike you love to talk about it and talk about all the trips planned. so my question is, […]

Hey Teens: Does Your State Have A Tax Free Weekend?

Texas does. I love shopping, so I don’t mind. It’s really early this year though, it’s Aug 9-11th. Usually it’s the weekend before or after school starts. But hey, I don’t mind. It’s early enough to where I don’t feel bad about checking the online stores & their sales & seeing what I want for […]

Shisha Experts I Need Your Help Will This Work?

i have a normal smoking pipe if i put some tabacco with tis >>>> crushed up mixed with it and smoke it will it taste like im smoking shisha iv never done it before thanks x

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