Teen Girls: Whats On Your Xmas List?

I want
-a blow dryer
-vera bradley hipster bag
-makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and lip balm)
-gift cards to forever21, bath and body works and charlotte russe
there are a few other small things too.
Whats on your xmas list?

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12 Responses to “Teen Girls: Whats On Your Xmas List?”

  1. Jess says:

    Daisy eau so fresh by marc jacobs
    A laptop
    vouchers for cath kidston, hollister and new look
    Make up
    Winter dresses
    Sims 3 supernatural

  2. Lauren. says:

    DVD boxsets (House season 7 & 8 and American Horror Story season 1)
    New duvet cover for my bed
    That’s pretty much it. Probably won’t get all of that. I know my mum’s got House season 7 and some pajama’s for me so far though. The rest I’ll get myself and wrap up from “Santa”.

  3. Bronwyn says:

    from my parents?
    hollister clothes (2 hoodies, 2 pairs trackies, tshirts and jeans)
    mac makeup (foundation, liner, mascara, blush)
    pink and white and grey adidas hightops

  4. Graffhea says:

    What I want –
    – Spray Paint (Rusto black, white, yellow flat)
    – Deco Markers
    – Metal Etch
    – Refillable Fire extinguisher
    – Fat caps
    – Do em dirty ink
    – blank vinyl stickers
    What I’ll get –
    – Coal

  5. jamesbre says:

    – H2O just add water box set
    – Barbie hairdryer
    – Ket
    – A puppy
    – A Kitten
    – Crack Cocaine
    – Sweets
    – Money
    – Hair Bobbles
    – Needles
    – Whips

  6. sakurabi says:

    sims 3 seasons
    sims 3 generations
    samsung galaxy S3 phone

  7. Pokemon Trainer PG says:

    Lip rings
    Phone card

  8. BIG BOODY JUDY says:

    I want a happy family

  9. toothpic says:

    a new laptop
    a gf
    my damn job back
    some gift cards for some bars that I go to.

  10. ilovemyf says:

    Xbox games

  11. Melissa says:

    A new cell phone!!!!! or car! but i know i’ll get niether 🙂

  12. jazz says:

    panties,bras,and a boxof pads

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