Teens: Do You Have A Job? What’s It Like?

(I know I just asked a question and in hindsight I should’ve made this a BQ in it. Oops)
I’m asking because I’m finally looking for one. I mean, I need money. My “dream” (Dream being in quotes as this is my dream job for now) job is to rip tickets at a movie theater, because it doesn’t seem that difficult at all, and don’t you get free movies or at the very least, discounts on movies? I would be the best at that job, because don’t you ever notice how when people do it, they act all gloomy about it? I would be so optimistic about telling those people to “enjoy the movie!”, it would be a whole new experience for them I bet. Unfortunately though the movie theater is about fifteen minutes away, and my mom isn’t sure she would be up to driving that much everyday. So instead I might work as a cashier at this pharmacy that barely gets any business. It doesn’t seem as fun, but work isn’t supposed to be fun. What about you guys?

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12 Responses to “Teens: Do You Have A Job? What’s It Like?”

  1. John says:

    I’m terrified to get a job so I fail every interview my parents make me go to.

  2. Kyle says:

    It’s easy to like your job if you actually care about what you’re doing. Find a job where you can give value to your actions. Even garbage guys take pride in keeping things clean, just like police take pride in making the streets safer. If you need the money, or have a lot of time, get a job. It’s a good life experience. If mommy and daddy pay the bills, then enjoy that for as long as possible.

  3. ; summer lovin says:


  4. Schrรถdinger's Cat says:

    I start my job soon ๐Ÿ˜€ Probably next week.
    I have to get finger-printed on Friday. After that clears (and it will since I have no criminal record, never been arrested, etc.) I will start. I am going to be working at an Elementary School that has a preschool program for severely Autistic children. And I will be a teacher’s assistant for two classrooms. It’s called a “rolling position”. I will spend one week helping one class, then the next week helping the other class and so on. But they are both for preschool children with Autism.
    This job is on the way to my dream job ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Mindy โ˜ฎ says:

    Yes. I work at Tim Hortons.
    I’m a storefront. Which basically means I’m always on cash. I make coffees and whatever other drink they may have ordered. And I grab whatever food they ordered. When I’m working in the evening or night, I’m usually on drive thru, presenting – giving people their orders and handing/taking the money. I love drive thru, it just sucks because it’s winter right now and it gets cold.
    The people that I work with are great…despite a few.

  6. ? says:

    I teach the pre team, level 1, and level 4 gymnastics classes at my gym. I love gymnastics, and since I’m so enthusiastic about it, it transfers to the kids and they get excited, so it’s fun.

  7. Sarah says:

    I am 18 and just got my first job at Taco Bell. I have been working there for 7 months now, the first 2 months were dreadful, I started off being a cashier. Which is always fun because you get to interact with the customers. I was getting tired of being on the register, so I started to learn how to make Tacos and Burritos, and everything else we sale there. I enjoy working there, I love my co-workers, we all get along. You can always make friends in any fast food business, because you have to work together to do a lot of things. I love my job, even though some days it is a horrible. You won’t have a perfect day all the time. But, working at a movie theater doesn’t sound like a bad job either. (:

  8. Taylor says:

    I have 2 jobs.
    One at a vets office as a kennel worker. I got the job when I was 15 or 16 (not sure actually, I started volunteering there at 15 but I actually can’t remember when they hired me.) I walk dogs, clean cages, mop the floor, give some medications, do the laundry (the blankets the dogs sleep on, towels and stuff) clean dishes, the dirty work like that.
    And I work at a preschool in the 3 and 4 year old room. I watch the kids, play games with them, teach little lessons, do art projects, music time, read stories, serve food, all that fun stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my job at the preschool! Kids are amazing!
    I have an interview at a local bookstore soon! I’m super excited! If they hire me on I’m going to quit at the vets office (I’ve warned them I may be leaving, my boss isn’t too upset she hates me anyways…) so I really hope I get the job!

  9. FrancisL says:

    I work at a violin shop up in the workshop! I’m learning woodworking skills while making minimum wage.. which this education is something I could SPEND thousands of dollars getting.
    It’s very laid back.. I work when I want, for as long or as little as I want. I spend most of my time fitting the tuning pegs to the instruments and stringing them.. I’m carving the violin bridges now.. this is EXTREMELY time consuming and quite difficult to learn. I have tons of cuts from the chisels and knifes..

  10. 3 barrels, 2 hearts, 1 dream. says:

    I had a job for 11 months last year, before I moved. I loved it. I cried so much when I told my boss I was leaving. I was very close with her. I made lots of close friends (there was about 4-5 of us who worked 5 days a week together) I made some very loyal, close customers. I loved earning $400-500 a week.
    I had so much money saved up (and just my luck, my car broke down a few weeks before I left my job and I had to spend half my savings on my car *insert sad face here*)
    My job was actually fun (oh I worked at a small but very popular coffee shop btw, I was assistant manager)
    I made coffee all day eryday, as well as assistant managing stuff haha, Which I loved doing.
    I can’t imagine how any job will be as good as that one but I’m not going to think about it because it will make me upset.

  11. Chloe says:

    My parents don’t want me to get a job because I need to say foccused on school so every time I ask them if I can get a job they just raise my allowance by $20 a week.

  12. ohhiheid says:

    I go to a university, so I only work part time as a cashier in a slow store, probably a lot like the pharmacy by you. As long as you have coworkers to talk to it’s actually kind of nice to get paid just to stand around, chat, and you can take your time ringing up the customers. You’ll also be given other things to do to pass the time, but if not you can read magazines at the counter, etc. I don’t mind my job; it’s actually quite nice to not have to work too hard when I’m tired after a long day of school.
    Give the pharmacy and chance, and if you hate it, then try the movies. That’ll also mean you get an extra 10 minutes of sleep every morning before work ๐Ÿ™‚

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