Tesco.com groceries shopping – discount codes?

I’ve just paced an order for delivery, I spent £51 and had a voucher for £10 off a £50 shop.
My confirmation email said that any offers hadn’t been taken off yet and the ammount I pay may be different…. once my offers have been deducted the total will be less than £50.
Will I still get my £10 discount?

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3 Responses to “Tesco.com groceries shopping – discount codes?”

  1. mishnbong says:

    They should send you an email confirming your order. Then when it comes the driver asks you to check your receipt first…..if theres no discount, tell ’em to take it back! (every little helps n all that!)

  2. hezza says:

    did you type in the code on the final screen before pressing confirm order?

    if yes then you will get discount

    if no then you wont

  3. Linzi LEW says:

    probably not you have to spend £50 thats without your offers and delivery.

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