Tesco pay monthly phone deals?

Has anyone bought a phone from tesco? And are they any good? I am interested in a Sony Xperia S pay monthly deal which comes to £15.50 – 100 mins, unlimited texts and 250 Mb of internet. The phone comes free. I have looked every where else, and no one is doing a deal even close to tis one, and I was wondering why its socheap. Also will 250 Mb of internet be enough? I have wifi as well.
Thank youu

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2 Responses to “Tesco pay monthly phone deals?”

  1. coolrabbitz says:

    Yes seems good deal I looked on http://www.omio.com
    And that the cheapest free phone
    and tesco has a good Internet coverage and signal as it uses O2
    Good luck

  2. brilock1 says:

    tesco are a nightmare when things go wrong, you can never speak to the same person twice, supervisors are never available, they are polite but totally incompetent and lack any customer service. i have had to complain to the ombudsman because they just never call back after promising to solve your issues.

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