TGI Fridays voucher?

Can anybody tell me where I can get a TGI Friday BOGOF voucher or kids eat free one?

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  1. pat.rob00 U.K. says:

    Phone Whitbread head office, ( they own TGI ) and say you were very disappointed with the meal last week. Say you have thrown the till receipt away. They will send you money off vouchers to keep you sweet. I did not do that, i worked for the company….

  2. gary a says:

    get 1 here in aus ? over counter

  3. dietbru says:

    U don’t have 2 b underhand 2 get 1.
    Just got 2 website & sign up 4 their newsletter. U get offers in quite often from them that way!

  4. mohsinmalikuk says:

    There are two ways that i know of.

    i) Go on to the tgi fridays uk website and register your details.
    From time to time, they will send you vouchers.

    ii) The second way. Go to TGI fridays, have a meal. Keep your reciept. Later, when you get home read the details at the bottom of the reciept. You need to go to a particular website(stated on reciept), where you must enter some numbers from your reciept and then fill in a survey about your experience at tgi. You are then given a Buy one get one free voucher!

    Hope that helps.

    Abit of extra info.

    In london, the leicester square and covent garden branches are non smoking (i am a smoker) unless you go and stay at the bar.
    This does sort of ruin the eating experience if you are a smoker.
    If you are a non smoker, then you’ve got no problem.

    Also, the staff at the leicester square branch are extremely rude and don’t seem to really care about their customers.
    This info is based on my experience. They just want you in and out, FAST! With not even a smile. And then they expect a tip. The cheek of it!

  5. Smurfett says:

    buy one from ebay

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