The 2 Different Kinds of Gas Cards

Gas credit card, also known gasoline rebate card provides rebates on purchase of fuel. You can avail this credit card either from major credit card companies or from specific fuel companies.

This credit card offers an opportunity to save dollars every time you fill up your vehicle’s tank. Even though you save only a small portion of amounts on fuel purchase, this adds up to considerable savings in the due course of a year.

Different Types:

There are two main types of these credit cards:

Type 1

Some specific fuel filling stations too offer certain distinctive fuel credit cards. Normally, these credit cards resemble a Visa, MasterCard or Discover logo and you can use such credit cards for making purchase anywhere.

However, you may only get rebates on fuel bought from a particular fuel company or station. People, who use a specific fuel station regularly, can easily avail such credit cards from that same station. In addition, the price of gas varies from one station to another, and hence it is wise to have an access with at least two or three fuel stations.

Type 2

A credit card company issues the second type of fuel credit card that is not coupled with any other particular fuel station. These types of credit cards for fuel usually offer rebates on purchase of fuel at any fuel station. They may even offer rebates on other auto components purchase.

A fuel credit card obtained through a credit company lets you to obtain a rebate of around 3 to 5% profit on fuel purchases. Some cards offer you 3 to 5% profit percent on any grocery and pharmacy purchase. Next, you also get 1% discount on other basic purchases credited in your subsequent credit card statement or provided in check format. A few of these types of cards even provide direct deposit of this rebate money.

Whatever be the type of fuel credit card you choose to buy, it is necessary to bear in mind about your credit score. A good credit standing is mandatory to get such cards easily. In addition, it also helps you to get such a credit card with a lower rate of interest.

With the constant increasing prices and demands of fuel, it is necessary to use gas prudently. It is wise to record the usage of such credit cards, since it will help you to keep a record on fuel expenditures. This is more important for transportation businesses that need to maintain data concerning such fuel expenditures.

These credit cards are ideal for an urgent situation such as traveling far away from home and at the same time, they give you a peace of mind while driving. In these credit cards, the point rewarding system help you qualify for many gift vouchers, which can be used to buy stuffs from other various stores. To avail this facility, you need to pay the minimum due amount on these credit cards duly in order to take the full advantages of the card.

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