The Accumulated Depreciation, Cash Received And Paid Of Ppe?

Opening balance of PPE 250,000
Closing balance of PPE 325,000
Depreciation expense for the year 25,000
Opening balance of accumulated depreciation 100,000
Closing balance of accumulated depreciation 105,000
Gain on sale of PPE 10,000
Carrying value of PPE that has been sold 45,000

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One Response to “The Accumulated Depreciation, Cash Received And Paid Of Ppe?”

  1. Don G says:

    Accumulated Depreciation:
    Beg Bal 100,000 + Deprec expense 25,000 – accum depr on asset sold =
    End Bal of 105,000. A/D on asset sold must have been 20,000.
    CV of asset sold 45,000 + A/D 20,000 = 65,000 Cost of asset sold
    Beg Bal 250,000 – 65,000 cost of asset sold + Asset purchases =
    End Bal of 325,000. Asset purchases must have been 140,000.
    Gain on sale of asset 10,000 + CV 45,000 = 55,000 Cash received on sale

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