The Best Amazon (uk) Gaming Computer They Have?

I want a gaming computer that runs games smooth with medium to high graphics (Would like high better).
The price i want the computer to have is between 400-510 £
Games i want to play without lagg:
Crysis 2
Farcry 3
Chivalry: medival warfare
The best one i have seen so far is:
Thank you for your time trying to find one. Thanks!
And PS. i dont want to make my own computer.

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One Response to “The Best Amazon (uk) Gaming Computer They Have?”

  1. Canadian Prince says:

    I highly recommend you go with a computer that has a quad core cpu like the intel i7-3630QM, as for ram 16GB is sufficient. For the Video card, if it isn’t an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M or better stay away from it. I custom build computers that run those games on high setting all the time

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