The Best Satellite TV Deal – Is It Dish Network Or DirecTV?

Want to know which satellite TV provider has got the best satellite television deal – the best service, the best equipment, plus the most programming for the very best rate? Below we compare DirecTV and Dish Network side by side so you can judge for yourself.

Dish Network TV

Dish Network is the fastest-growing satellite TV provider in the US They currently have in excess of 14 million subscribers and are # 1 among all satellite and cable television companies with respect to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Dish Network has 355 channels. This includes 200 high definition channels, 170 international channels, 75 pay per view motion pictures a month, together with 7 adult channels. They have the most channels, the most variety, the most music channels, and the most foreign channels of the two satellite TV companies.

When you order one of their program packages you get a free satellite TV system. You also get free installation by a professional installer in as many as 6 rooms in your home.

With Dish TV you can upgrade the standard receiver they give you to a free DVR receiver that records up to 500 hours of programming, a free HD receiver so that you can watch high definition broadcasts, or even a combination HD / DVR receiver.

You can get customer support when you have a problem, by phone, by email, and through their online chat service, day and night, every day of the week.


DirecTV is the largest satellite TV provider in the US, with more than 16 million subscribers.

DirecTV offers 265 channels, which includes 160 HD tv channels, 55 pay-per-view movies monthly, 81 Sonic Tap satellite radio channels, and 7 adult channels. They have the most sports programming of the two satellite television service providers.

With DirecTV you get a free satellite TV system – the dish and the receivers – in up to 4 rooms of your house. Installation by a professional installer is free.

With DirecTV you also have the option of getting a free DVR receiver, an HD receiver, or a combination HD / DVR receiver.

Dish Network Deal

For $ 29.99 a month Dish Network gives you 120 satellite channels, all of your local channels, 3 months of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz, and also access to unlimited movies, TV shows, and games from Blockbuster.

DirecTV Deal

DirecTV is now offering their 150 channel package for $ 29.99 a month. This package incorporates 150 of their prime channels, 7,000 movies, and TV shows, plus 3 months of HBO Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime. Local stations are also included.

The Best Deal

If you'd like the best price, the most television channels, the most music channels, the most streaming motion pictures, television shows, and games, plus the most pay-per-view channels, then Dish Network is your best deal.

If you do not mind having to pay a little extra and you would like the most sports channels and the most sporting events packages, then DirecTV is the best deal.

Source by Brian Stevens

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