The best sites to get games from?

Hiya, Im looking to play games on my pc but don’t know of any websites to get them from, can anyone help me. I like action games – air strike etc. I’ve tried to buy some online but they either want a visa or diners card but I don’t have one of them, I only have a normal bank card which I use for paypal etc. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Hugo S says: or

  2. Pill Popper says:

    Maybe you can try Ebay…..
    Or a high street shop….e.g. Zavvi, Game, Gamestation.

    Or if you want illegal but sometimes as good, Mininova

  3. Sock Tian E says:

  4. cutter1435 says:

    heres a coool game check it out its free and all ya got to do is register to play heres a link… join us on this new game ,they offer prizes like ps3,wii,xbox360 and laptops to winnners….

  5. theSalamanderRenamer says:

    are you looking to play games online, or actually buy them and download them onto your computer? if it is the latter i would advise a site called Direct2Drive. there you can buy the newest games. the downside is computer games are pricy.
    if it was the first option and you are looking for crappy little addicting action games, then look at this is a site that has lots of fun games of all types. just dont download any games from there.
    i hope ive been able to help

  6. twincharged boyy.. says:

    you better try this website
    you must be a member to download games but it is can download all types of games
    try it out…………

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