The Different Types of Shag Rug

Everyone has a rug and in some cases one of the classics just will not do. We bring you the shag carpet, flooring, since the pop art period of the 60’s and 70’s and one that looks like it’s here to stay has been in fashion.

Typically shag rugs can be made of cotton, acrylic, polypropylene and nylon and are available in numerous colors for every taste and need adjusting. These carpets have similarities appearance in the sense that the texture and appearance consist of strands of knotted material. These are short or long time in the appearance, or a combination of both.

Now, as the title suggests, there are actually different types of shag carpet. To begin, we will have a brief look at the Flokati – a carpet that used to be worn as clothing by both warriors and travelers in ancient Greece. Today, this popular carpet made of 100% pure wool, after being sought by connoisseurs rug that something almost as soft as a cloud beneath their feet preference.

One thing we have so neglected to mention is that Flokati rugs are made with wool from sheep that either New Zealand or Greece to call their home. Our next carpet we will look at Aros blanket, like the Flokati, is made from the wool of sheep in New Zealand. As such, its texture is so soft as the Flokati but has its own unique look and production technology.

next on the list we have Love Fur. Quite simply, imagine a carpet made of faux fur and you’d be close. This carpet is made of acrylic, which, when it comes to money, it means that it is much more affordable compared to other types of carpets.

A shag rug that you just that little bit extra will cost, though, is the leather shag rug – usually made of cowhide or suede … or a combination of both. Like the Love Fur this shag rug is new on the scene, but already has quite the impression among those members of society who deem themselves a little more refined made.

And last in the list of quality shag rugs is one that is also known as the “Shaggy” carpet because of its appearance. It is more formally known as the Cotton Jersey shag carpet and is made of short, thick strands which means that the appearance comes across as much more dense. Not only are these rugs comfortable to walk on or sit on, but it’s all just enjoy around, maybe because of the atmosphere. As such, this is the perfect blanket for both young and old, as well as the rebellious at heart.

So as you can see, there is a carpet for everyone out there. If you have trouble choosing, it would be better to look at the rest of the furniture you may have and see which of the colors and / or textures will fit best.

Source by Sarah Crosset

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