The DIRECTV TiVo Guide

Looking for information on DIRECTV TiVo? Here’s a guide that gives you the information you need to know about DIRECTV TiVo and DIRECTV DVRs.


TiVo is an electronic recording device that allows you to digitally record, pause, rewind, and play TV shows. TiVo was the first commercial DVR (digital video recorder), and was once marketed and sold by DIRECTV.

In 2007, DIRECTV developed its own DVR and started its own DVR service.

Instead of offering TiVo DVRs and TiVo service, DIRECTV now offers it’s own DVRs and it’s own DVR service. DIRECTV’s DVRs are now free when you sign up for their service.


DIRECTV offers two types of DVRs:

The DIRECTV Plus DVR – This DVR allows you to record and play DIRECTV satellite TV programs with the push of a button on your remote. You can also:

* Pause the show you’re watching so your can get a snack, then resume watching when you’re ready.

* Record up to 100 hours of satellite TV programs.

* Store your recordings on your DVRs hard drive – no more hassling with video tapes or DVDs.

* Record two shows while watching another show.

* Set your DVR to automatically record future broadcasts of your favorite shows with the push of a button.

* Restrict the TV shows your children watch with parental controls.

The DIRECTV Pus HD DVR – This DVR has all the features of the DIRECTV Plus DVR, and includes:

* The ability to record your shows in HD (high definition) format for a near-lifelike picture.

* Dolby digital audio for three-dimensional sound.

* Up to 200 hours of recording time.

The Bottom Line

The DIRECTV Plus DVR and HD DVR let you watch the shows you want, when you want. Unlike old-fashioned VCRs or newer DVD recorders, recording with a DVR is a piece of cake – push a button and you’re done.

If you want to be able to store up to 200 hours of your favorite programs and watch those programs in crystal-clear digital or high def format, then a DVR from DIRECTV is just what the doctor ordered.

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