The Do Contract Was Not Technically Signed?

I am planning to have a party bus for my 21st birthday this friday.The party bus is $1125 for 5 hours. I asked all my friends to come for $40 each. The problem is a lot of my friends are flaking. On the contract it said that you can cancel no less than a week before the pick up date. If you do it after the week before the pick up date, you will be charged 50%. I tried canceling but he told me he will give me a $175 discount if I don’t cancel which at the time I thought was a good deal. But now MORE of my friends are saying they can’t make it. He sent me the contract through email and told me to print my name and sign it. Since I was in a rush I just typed my name and sent it back to him. So the contract does not have my signature on it. With that being said, do you think I can cancel and make that point?

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3 Responses to “The Do Contract Was Not Technically Signed?”

  1. Jay P says:

    Unfortunately, he will argue that by typing and sending back the contract, your intent was to accept the terms. I’m afraid you might be stuck on this one.

  2. laughter says:

    contracts of that sort do not need to be in writing to be enforced. The issue is whether there was an agreement on the terms, and there clearly was an agreement. If you had offered an agreement whereby you got the discounted price, and he agreed to do his part, but you reserved the ability to cancel if some friends flaked out, do you really think he would have agreed to such terms? If not, then the court will not impose those terms upon him. Your best bet is to hope he finds another party and thus suffers no damages from your breach.

  3. jaker says:

    The lesson from this, and many of us have learned it the hard way, is that you NEVER pay for something in advance with the expectation that other people will pay “their share” when the time comes. Don’t count on them unless they pay in advance

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