the five-finger discount…?

a right or a privilage?

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23 Responses to “the five-finger discount…?”

  1. crusha03 says:

    a well spent 30 seconds……..oh discount ?!?!!??! sorry thought you said shuffle ; p

  2. amanda says:


  3. ☆Mark☆ says:

    Neither, it’s wrong.

  4. Rural thoughts says:

    None of the above! It is wrong!!

  5. ivorhugedick says:

    prefer me pensioners discount sweetheart

  6. Flamingo says:

    Uh, I guess if you don’t get caught it’s a privilege.

  7. lonewolf1 says:

    A talent,,,,,,

  8. jmelin says:

    it’s neither.

  9. angelzluver says:

    Perpatrators should be banned from that store

  10. CoolGirl says:


  11. HouAnswerGuy says:

    Neither it just passes the cost on to others.

  12. slipperyfuzzers4 says:


  13. ♫♦♥Summer♥♦♫ says:

    excuse me missy, i have to call you up on political correctness, ppl dont have five fingered discounts, they are called "untraditional shoppers"

    (lol i know p.c. is gettin ridiculous!)

  14. ilovedooneys says:

    neither just stupid!

  15. Michael N says:

    Truth or Dare?

  16. sophia f says:

    I think its ok if u wanted to nick something in a big superstore like asda’s or tescos.

    But i wouldnt thieve from a tiny family corner shop or anything.

    Thats just mean.

  17. normal1 says:

    a crime punishable by everything from a destroyed reputation to incarceration.

  18. bugga boo says:


  19. katy says:

    sticky fingers……?

  20. deltagremlin says:

    a way to get by, with a little help from my friends

  21. MaLiBuGiRl says:

    Its not big and its not clever. Unless you are poor and homeless in which case i say, steal away. Tescos can afford it.

  22. theatrefan1 says:

    As the sister of a cop I would have to wrong all the way around…unless you like jail…lol

  23. le le says:

    not sure

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