The Flokati Rug

Flokati area rugs, just like many other rug styles, have their origins moved deep in the mists of time. It is said that these rugs were originally worn by warriors, shepherds and travelers in ancient Greece to protect them from the cold during the long winter months. Later on these rugs moved indoors and were found to be the perfect floor covering – warm in winter and lush in summer. As such, husbands-to-be often received one of these rugs along with the dowry of the intended wife. Since then Flokati rugs have become renown across the world and, in many cases, remain a privileged possession.

Many Flokati rugs are still made in Greece and are made by hand by knotting wool through a stout backing material (sometimes woven wool). And if you are lucky, then you might just find yourself a Flokati rug that has been put through the ancient water ripening technique. This basically consist of washing the rug in a fast-running stream. The result is that the wool is treated in a way that can not be duplicated, giving it ultimate softness and durable strength.

And just in case you though Flokati rugs come in only one style, think again. They're available in styles ranging from short and thick strands or knots of wool to the long and wild look. And what's more is that they're available in different colors. Traditionally these colors were limited to elemental colors, but latest additions include fuchsia and lime, meaning there's a Flokati rug for everyone.

So is that all with regards to the Flokati rug? No, not quite. You see, in addition to the elegance of the Flokati rug and the fact that it is the ultimate in retro chic, the Flokati rug further has the advantage over some other styles of area rugs due to the material it is made of. Seeing as the knots in a Flokati is made out of wool (usually from Greece or New Zealand) as well as the backing, it means you have a rug capable of the following: absorbing 5 times it's own weight in moisture, which means that " dry "rooms will be ideally humidified while humid rooms will be adequately discharged.

Another aspect that ties in with the fabric the Flokati is made out of is the resistance to conduct or store static electricity. This means that they can be quit close to electrical appliances such as computers and televisions.

That being said, all that's left to do is to go out and buy one! Remember, their traditional colors are earth tones – these include white, browns, etc .; all the colors that make ideal design basics. Just take care when trying to use this rug as a focal point as the authentic Flokati rugs seldom have any type of elaborate design on them (and will there before make the perfect accessory to a different focal point). Other than that, the sky's the limit, with more and more colors added every day for different lengths of knots.

Source by Fran Sloan

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