The Future of DirecTV and Satellite TV in General

Satellite television is at least familiar to most consumers. Even if you subscribe to a cable provider (why would you do that?), you are at least familiar with the company names DirecTV and Dish Network. Are these companies a good investment? Because, like it or not, your television programming is an investment. If you do not make some form of monetary investment in television programming (read as subscription), then you will not be able to take advantage of said programming.

Strangely, or not so strangely, television has become one of the bonds that hold our society together. You’ll find groups of people banding together to discuss what they watched on television, as a shared experience. Visualize two sports fans heatedly conversing over the outcome of the last big game. Mentally picture three office workers discussing the bizarre developments in their favorite soap opera. Like it or not, television programming has become a societal adhesive, one of the glues, if you will, that binds our diverse nation together with common views and shared experience.

Now, the semantics aside, your choice in television programming will affect your ability to interact with and be a part of these groups. So, now your choice in television programming takes on an entirely new aspect. That said, why invest with a satellite provider? Simply because they offer more of the shows that you want to watch and that you want to discuss with your friends. Maybe your choice in programming is so that you can interact with your office companions, from a desire to know firsthand what they are talking about.

Now that we have established that satellite television offers more experiences, more things to watch and more shows, games and documentaries to discuss, how do you choose the best provider? Well, a glimpse into the future of satellite television will help in that regard. HD TV is the current catch phrase of the television industry and for good reason. HD TV is the future of all television programming, not just satellite TV. Reference the current shift in even air-to-ground television providers. This should give you good reason to find the best options available in this format. Currently, DirecTV is the number one provider of HD TV channels and they are poised to stay there for some time to come. The satellite that is to be released into orbit in early 2008 will give DirecTV the capacity of 150 national HD channels and over 1500 local high definition channels. The big question will be how long will it take the DirecTV HD package to provide this many (they are currently just under 100 national HD channels).

For the future, DirecTV has some big plans. While Dish Network lags behind, both in terms of channels offered and in terms of viewers, DirecTV is taking steps to cement their leadership in programming. One of the potential technologies that they are developing aims to bundle all of your technology needs (read as Internet and Television) into a single package that will work on either device. Watching HD TV on your computer can be done today, sure. Not as simply or as easily as many consumers would like. What about movies on demand in HD on your computer or other aspects of this technology. It’s all coming and DirecTV is leading the way.

Source by Whitney Alen

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