The History of Wittnauer Watches

Take a look at a Wittnauer watch and be amazed at its high-quality, accuracy and beauty. Wittnauer watches and timepieces are known to be manufactured using the best technology combined with elegance and superior qualities. Read ahead to find out the history behind these extraordinary watches.

The history of Wittnauer watches dates back to the early 1872 when 16 year old Albert Wittnauer immigrated from Switzerland to New York City. With his exceptional skills in watchmaking, Albert went straight to work for his brother-in-law, J Eugene Robert, an importer of fine Swiss watches. While at work, in 1880, Young Mr. Wittnauer realized that the Americans demand timepieces with better function and more durability. Utilizing his amazing creativity in designing watches, Albert established the Wittnauer brand in Geneva, Switzerland. With its amazing qualities and fine craftsmanship, these high-end watches successfully hit the market.

Albert distributed these watches while managing his brother-in-law’s importing company in 1885. Just a couple of years down the road, in 1889, the company’s first advertisement appeared in the twentieth anniversary of the Jewelers’ Weekly. The ad stated that the company sells “both simple and complicated ” timepieces, referring to the chronograph and repeating watches. Not long after, in 1890, Mr. Robert transferred the title of the company to his young brother-in-law, Albert Wittnauer, thus establishing the A. Wittnauer Company.

Ever since its establishment, the Wittnauer Company was booming with growing success. Its navigational equipment, and timepieces were used by the world’s most prominent navigators, explorers, astronomers, and geographers. The US Navy received two Wittnauer watches from A. Wittnauer for its early aviation tests. During both World Wars, the Wittnauer navigational equipment, timepieces and watches became essential tools for the US military.

All US Servicemen preferred Wittnauer watches as their timepiece. Furthermore, the National Broadcasting Company, the first radio network in the US, relied on the famous accuracy of the A. Wittnauer Company for timing their radio broadcast. In addition, the US Olympic Committee and the sports world highly valued the Wittnauer watches for their extreme accuracy and moisture-resistant. The A. Wittnauer Company flourished continuously throughout the years being on the forefront of timekeeping technology until the company became part of the Bulova Corporation in 2001.

Today, as part of the Bulova Corporation, Wittnauer watches continue to be the leading brand in the watchmaking industry, carrying on its traditional outstanding characters originally designed by that poor young lad who eventually became the owner of a billion dollar company. With these incomparable qualities, Wittnauer watches are timepieces to be proud of. Get one today and be a part of this unbelievable history.

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