The Italian Watch Industry

A watch is something that everyone needs, irrespective of gender or age. When it comes to luxury items, a watch is an essential. A watch is a luxury accessory without which, your look is incomplete.

The Italian watch industry has been known for its designer brands, and luxury timepieces through out history. Italian brands are popular all over the world for their style, and sophistication, and are a first choice for many people. Although the Italian watch industry may be sometimes overshadowed by the Swiss watch industry, it has gained significant momentum over time. Their watches are just as collectible, and as high quality, as Swiss ones.

One of the most popular names in the Italian watch industry is Gucci. Gucci watches are the style and luxury icon of Italian style design and craftsmanship. Gucci introduced their range of watches in 1997, when the Gucci Group NV acquired the Severin Montres Group, which had extensive distribution in North America, Hong Kong, the UK, and Germany. Gucci watches are known to be imaginative, and creative.

The most famous ranges of men watches are the Gucci 5200 Watch for men and the Gucci 5600 watch for men. Both come with leather bands, and stainless steel settings, along with a sapphire crystal. The range of women watch brand includes the Gucci 1400 Women's Watch, which features an 18K gold plated stainless steel case framing a white dial with gold coloured hands.

Another very famous watch brand is Panerai. Panerai is a blend of Italian style and Swiss artisanship, established in 1980. Panerai is different from other watch manufacturers, because it offers only two basic models, the Radiomir and the Luminor. There are many different theme variations, but all are based on the same, classic design form. Panerai Luminor Marina Auto Watch (model P32858X) for Men is a renowned timepiece originally created in the 1950s, and is among one of the most expensive watches in the world.

Another world famous Italian watch brand is Emporio Armani. A brand has tremendous appeal around the globe, and is known for being trendy as well as sophisticated. Their watches range from being classy and traditional to being fun, and quirky. Even though, they are luxury watches, they are reliable machines, despite the designer status. They are backed by an industry standard two-year warranty.

Bulgari is another high-end brand in Italian watches. Founded in Rome in 1884, it is a complete designer brand, and does not focus solely on watches. The watch production of the subsidiary company is called Bulgari Time SA Their watches are quite expensive, but worth every penny, owing to their beautiful and elegant designs. Other brands include Officina Del Tempo, MOMO Designs and Brera Orologi among others.

Although, the Italian watch industry faces a tough competition from the Swiss industry, over time it has carved a name for itself, and now has a large clientele. Many people prefer Italian designer brands over Swiss watch brands, as they are more luxurious and well known. With their growing popularity, it will not be long before they leave the Swiss brands behind.

Source by John P Stevens

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