The Libs Will Be Speechless When Ronmey Saves America!!?

It’s funny that they didn’t expect it but I knew all along this was our chance to shine and resurrect the country we all love and believe in because Jesus was ALWAYS on OUR side and not on anyone else’s. I know because he spoke to me recently in my afternoon prayer and has assured that this party will do great things for the America we protect. So now I feel like this is how it will all proceed: Obama will show up in the town hall and try to take over like he always does but then Rich Santorum will appear and use his prayer warriors to ELIMINATE the healthcare and we will ascend to the next layer of heaven with our spiritual swords in hand. So Ronmey takes over from there and will very gentalmanly explain to the dems that we are taking the country back even though they’re resisting and soon enough an all out spiritual warfare will take place. It isn’t the rapture yet but soon enough it will be and this preliminary battle will show the world why you can’t doubt Jesus because he personally will make an appearance to stop America from being taken away by those who would turn medicare into a voucher system or not bomb Iran or provide contraception or stop the wall street reform or not tax the wealthy at a higher level which they deserve. It’s just SILLY that they can’t get a grip on what America demands today and it’s not just going to be another election because everyone’s GOD will intervene and remind us why He is king and that our politicians should allow him to take dominion over His domain. You’re gonna love it when Ronmey steals Obama’s crown and restores the original American leadership for a third term!!!! Amen!!!!

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11 Responses to “The Libs Will Be Speechless When Ronmey Saves America!!?”

  1. clarity says:

    The original American leadership? Is George Washington coming back to save us?

  2. Frank says:

    As governor of Massachusetts, he dragged us down to being 47th in the nation in job creation.
    He’ll save America by destroying the Republican party with his incompetence.

  3. lestermo says:

    No, that is not true, just like they blame Bush for all their failures they will credit Obama for any successes that Romney may have if he becomes President.

  4. Uncle Cyril Wayne T says:

    All caps in a word are for little children.

  5. Demand Destruction says:

    Save? The last time we had a Romney type they failed to keep us safe on 911.

  6. Benjamin says:

    Cocaine is bad for you.

  7. D says:

    How will he save America??? Does he have super powers? I haven’t seen him in a costume yet!

  8. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Sorry, our time is up. See you again next week. I’ll call the pharmacy and authorize the higher dose on your medication.

  9. Sweat Bees says:

    This is confusing- a Prayer Warrior that looks like Rick Santorium will save us by getting rid of health care?
    But how “Jesus like” of you to condemn people to a miserable life with no help for the sick! I am sure Jesus would not endorse that message!

  10. pegasusa says:

    You can’t even remember the mans name and spell it right, and you are foreseeing the future?
    You must be the guy who called in to ask the highway department to move the deer crossing signs to a lower traffic area to avoid collisions.

  11. Ken says:

    What’ll they say when he outsources it?

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