The Most Interesting Concerts in Europe 2010

Lady Gaga Tour is held annually in different locations throughout the world. Lady Gaga often dressed in a unique costume When performing this show. The performances are divided into four acts includingyour Act 1, 2, 3 and 4. Thousands of people visit the Lady Gaga concert. Some of the songs thatwill performed hum concert is the city Intro, Glitter and Grease, Forest, Teeth, Paparazzi Monster Ball and Bad Romance. Tickets for Lady Gaga Tour Available to buy from online ticket site like that Westlife tickets, Arctic Monkeys tickets and Lady GaGa Tickets, Tour Tracker and Interscope. The ticket site, you will find the date and location of the ride.

Sziget Festival is the most noisy music festival taking place in Hungary. The festival lasts for several days. It starts on August 11 each year. Budapest is the citywhere Sziget Festival will be held. During the festival, lots of music played. Most of the music played at the festival’s mainstream music. The big bands thatwill be playing at Sziget Festival is Prodigy, Placebo, Bloc Party and Danko Jones. Two go to Sziget Festival, you literally have to bustling city ferry from Batthyany ter two Óbudai Island. You can arrive at Sziget Festival by taking a commuter train from Southern Railway Station, Western Railway Station and the Eastern Railway Station. There is an entrance ticket fee that you would have to pay before you can be admitted to the festival. The ticket can be ordered online from Sziget website. The day ticket costs € 45. camping ticket costs € 200, while the non camping ticket costs € 170. The fee for caravan camping ticket is 13- euro. Fees for VIP camping ticket is € 90.

Pukkelpop Festival offers more than 200 acts play every year. Every year thousands of visitors come two Participate music concert, Pukkelpop. It is one of the reviews the biggest open air festivals held in Belgeium. The music festival is held on a Pukkelpop stage. It lasts for three days. It is always held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The campsite will be open the day before the festival. During three days celebration, the local radio DJ will come two host music show. Pukkelpop Festival is a unique music concert, which offers a large variety of side events. The tickets for Pukkelpop festival can be purchased from Proximus Go for Music. The combi ticket fee is € 145, while day ticket fee is 76 €. Tickets can not be purchased by phone or SMS. It must be purchased online.

The Oxegen festival is one of the biggest concerts in the world. It started in 2004. The music concert held in Punchestown. Many performances from world famous artists havebeen taken place on Ozegen Festival. In Oxegen Festival 2010, Nokia Live Stage provideh Reviews the largest high definition screen for campers. The campers will be enjoyable two enjoy celebration in 3D visual show. The Pink Pamper Hair & Beauty Salon offers beauty treatments for people att would look good on Oxegen festival. Some of the popular brands that can be found that Pink Pamper include TIGI Hair team. The tribute phase will be open on everynight in the Oxegen Festival in 2010. Tickets Oxegen concert can ask bought online from Ticketmaster. The cost for 3 days camping is 224.50 euros, while the price for four days camping is 244.50 euros.


Source by Ivaylo Yordanov

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