The Nra Is A Front For Gun Companies?

The NRA takes profit from the sales of guns, i.e. round up program. If one purchases a gun it rounds up to the nearest dollar and the difference is given to the NRA. NRA receives a lot of money from the manufactures as well.
Of course this lead to a conflict of interest, in which the NRA would directly profit from the sale of guns.
The NRA has been compared to the National Smoking Alliance… the NSA is clearly a front for tobacco companies and this has become common knowledge and undisputed. They invoked themes of liberty and freedom in their defense of smoking in public, but their front man Morton Downey Jr. got lung cancer and repudiated the organization as a front for the tobacco companies.……

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9 Responses to “The Nra Is A Front For Gun Companies?”

  1. Iron Patriot says:

    That’s why they no longer support reasonable measures. More guns will always be the answer to them. Just can’t take them seriously

  2. John M says:

    No more so than the media is a front for communism.

  3. Cindy L.G. says:

    Yea, it’s just another AstroTurf organization manipulating the ignorant. Only an idiot would believe otherwise. Just like the 5 million NRA idiot members.

  4. Showing Conservative Truth says:

    The NRA is a front for me as a gun supporter. And millions of responsible gun owners. I choose not to own a weapon, but I am a member of the NRA because I support the right to bear arms even if I choose not to exercise that right. Thanks for asking.

  5. Patrick says:

    The round up program is a voluntary donation made by the purchaser of the ammo, they can deny it if they want.
    Another liberal lie shot down.

  6. Yahoo Will Never Silence Me says:

    The Gun Industry wants to make gun purchasing as easy as possible in order to make more profits. The NRA with their misguided Second Amendment Absolutism help facilitate that. That’s what it’s all about.

  7. Gum control says:

    I support the right to own a gun, for myself and others alike. but I will be the first to say that the NRA is deplorable. they care bout nothing but money. they will sell their list of names of gun owners for as little as 20$ p/page. that’s the way the NRA rolls.

  8. Unblocked by Sweetie says:

    I hope so. This anti-gun stuff is making Me want to go buy more guns. Thanks libs and a big one to obama.

  9. Crusher says:

    With the exception of a few tokens like Tom Sellick the NRA Board is made up of representatives from the arms manufacturers. They have gradually gained control of the Association and turned it into their lobby, dedicated to preserving their ability to sell the paranoid as many guns as he or she can afford.
    They are not concerned with public safety, only market access. They are sociopaths.
    A hundred and fifty years ago Wayne LaPierre would have been selling guns to the Indians. Today he sells guns to crazy people. As long as nobody shoots him with them why should he care?

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