The Question Is,”is This The Biggest Scam Ever?

I have my central heating insured byBritish Gas also my home electrics as well as my plumbing.i also have 9 kitchen appliances insured through them. recently i had to call them out to fix my microwave which was just over 4 years old which was fitted same time as my new kitchen (micowave cost around £400 fitted) when the guy came to fix it he said he would return at a later date when a new part was in stock, the next time he came he informed my wife that he was unable to repair it and said someone would phone me to arrange a replacement. when they did phone i was offered £21 argos gift voucher on a take it or leave it basis. Well wow is this not a scam ??? i am shortly going to cancell my insurance and save the money in a seperate account and save it and use it as needed and if it is not needed i still have my hard earned cash !!! What do you think??”

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